A Conversation about Art Therapy

A Conversation about Art Therapy:

An Experiential Process


Art can be said to be -and can be used as- the externalized map of our interior self. (Peter London, No more Secondhand Art.)


Art Therapy: a definition

  • Art therapy is the marriage of two disciplines: art and psychology.
  • Art Therapy is based on the idea that creative process of art making is healing and life enhancing.
  • Individuals can express thoughts and feelings, communicate non-verbally, achieve insight, and experience the curative potential of the creative process.
  • Art therapy focus in the therapeutic needs of the person to express:

1. What is important during the art making

2. choosing and facilitating art activities that are helpful to the person,

3. helping the person find meaning in the creative process,

4. Facilitating the sharing of the experience of image making with the therapist.